Our Story

Masabel was born through an advocacy. My father saw the beauty of this craft and helped revive the dying art of inabel. As a child, my father would have me accompany him to the weavers' house to watch them weave on their looms. The intricate process of creating it was how I initially fell in love with it. Each unique inabel is manually woven through complex weaving techniques on wooden looms to create different designs. Its various weave patterns and motifs are inspired by elements of nature and behind each one encompasses an untold story from Ilocos' rich culture.

This craft has been handed down from generation to generation in the Ilocos provinces. It is, however, a dying heritage with a dwindling number of weavers and scarcity of raw materials.

From then, I decided to make something out of the fabrics. I have been working together with the Ilocano weavers to sustain their livelihoods by promoting the beauty & story of their weaves through fashion.

Due to its versatility, inabel promotes itself as an abundant source of fashion & home products we now aim to share with you here at Masabel.